Our Programs

Who we are?

doro-ella was created in July 2010 when we were given the gift to open the business, in order to give others the gift of development that no one can take away from the individual.

doro-ella means a gift entirely. The founders of the company wanted more out of life than just to work and be corporate. They wanted to shape life differently to the norm. doro-ella was then started by inherent passions to help individuals reach their goals and to experience the fullness of life in every situation they encounter. As a team, they take life and work experiences and turn them into various exciting, extraordinary and contagious development programs.

doro-ella brings development programs forward which transfers skills by means of participation, self-exploring exercises, classroom training and online training together with our secret ingredients to each program. We ensure transfer of skills which will have a direct effect on the individual and in turn the organisation.

“The proof is in the pudding, which is in the eating”.

We deliver interactive programs that are unforgettable. Every business team is unique, their needs are unique, and their training and development plans should be unique. doro-ella analyses each of our client’s specific needs and recommends programs for the individual or teams that aligns and meets our client’s development objectives.

We value the basics and fundamentals, turn it into art and then transform art into passion. This is “the doro-ella way”.

We focus on Fundamental, Art and Passion Programs.

Our Fundamental Programs

Our Fundamental Programs are where we teach you to follow a recipe to the basic rights in life. These “ingredients” must never be forgotten and are fundamental to each area of work and personal life. They include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Telephone and Business Etiquette
  • Customer Service
  • Conflict Handling Techniques
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Using Numbers and Basic Calculation Methods
  • Interpret and Use Information from Text
  • Use Mathematics to Investigate and Monitor the Financial Aspects of Personal, Business and National Issues

Majority of our fundamental programs are covered over our online development platform.

Our Art Programs

Not just adding water to jelly… nope it is not that easy. Here we make the pudding blind folded. Some can bake, others can’t, but majority have a special dish they can make, and these programs turn fundamental concepts into art.

  • Eminent: How to Stand Out and Add more Value
  • Accountability vs Responsibility
  • Preventing a Burnout
  • Leadership Skills
  • HR for Non-HR Managers
  • Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers
  • Planning and Organising
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Culture Management: One Common Language

The Art Program durations can be anything from one day to 30 minutes over the web, depending on the client’s needs.

The Passion Programs

Adding caviar to your malva pudding.

Passion programs connect to the individuals’ personal talents and passions or interests. Here we take a fundamental or art program and dig deep to find the ways to specialise in this area. These program durations can be anything from one single day to a range of days during a 12-month cycle. All learnership programs are offered on a 12-month cycle.

Our passion programs include (these are our passions we would love to share with individuals who have the same passions):

  • Business Management (Non-Learnership Program)
  • National Certificate: Business Management NQF 3 Learnership
  • National Certificate: Business Management NQF 5 Learnership
  • HR Management (Non-Learnership Program)
  • Performance Management Principles and Good Practice Managing the Culture of the Team and Organization
  • Labour Relations Management

doro-ella believes in:

  • Serving others
  • Ethics and great character
  • Continuous self-development
  • We are not robots, but humans
  • To work is to heal or refresh others