About Us

@ doro-ella, we pride ourselves on delivering creative training designed to get you interested in any subject, so that you can implement what you have learned @ work and get noticed. We know what makes great training, how to teach it and who will benefit most from it.

We want to make a difference and we want to do it the right way. doro-ella means a gift entirely. It is simple we love what we do and we do it extremely well. We equip individuals to harvest and find creativity within them that will show them their individual talents and strengths. We bring real life into the training room and provide the right solution for our clients and individuals each and every time.

The founders of doro-ella working in corporate environments wanted more out of life, they wanted to experience life differently. doro-ella started because of their passion to help individuals reach their own goals and to experience the true qualities of life in every situation they encounter. As a team they took life- and work- experiences and turned these into various exciting, extraordinary and contagious development programs. doro-ella believes in continuous self development.

Our training is developed to be adaptable to any industry and/or occupation. We focus on whole brain training and incorporate various presenting styles. Our programs are reviewed on a continuous basis to stay ahead of industry and occupation norms.

We stick to the basics and fundamentals creatively. Turn it into art and then transform art into passion. This is "the doro-ella way!"

We value family and friends, the basics, individuals, dreams, freedom and truth, fun, excellence & life!

Our Team


I am the wife of Hein, and a Mother to 3 beautiful children, Wimpie, Carla and Heindrich. My Faith and Christianity is what encourages me to be the person that helps people from A to B which is what I feel is my purpose. I have a passion for developing and sharing and making South Africa an even better place to live in via quality education & development. I love to focus on Leadership, Culture Management and Sustainability. My background knowledge includes BBBEE, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Strong Labour Relations, HRM, Soft Skills & Management Development.


Hein was born in Pietermaritzburg, but is a very passionate Bulls supporter. He is married to Adri and they have 3 beautiful kids that changed their lives forever for the better. He worked at the SABC in the News and IT department for 15 years and then decided to trade Johannesburg for the beautiful winelands where he is managing our group’s technical IT goodies. He is actively busy in building his travel business, which gives us the opportunity to learn from him about our communities so that we can share this with our corporates.


Marlene Benjamin joined us this year in January. Marlene is our big sister and sometimes also acts as our mother. She makes sure that we are looked after and that we always have a clean and friendly work environment. Marlene is from Blackheath and has 3 children. She is married to Adolf Benjamin. She is also the eldest sister of our late Elsabe Erasmus who worked for us for 3 years and taught us to be humble and loving always with everything we do.

Herman & Natasha

We are Christian missionaries sent from Birchleigh Baptist Church and currently members of the Reformed Church South Coast who mainly do evangelistic work. We served in Tembisa township for approximately 5 years and have just recently relocated to the South Coast of KZN. We have 5 children and are currently also busy with our post graduate studies through NWU. We proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth in schools, in the open air and anywhere an opportunity presents itself.


I am a Durban girl through and through! I am married to Mark and have two beautiful children Tristan and Jamie-Lee. My family is my life and I strive to be a good role model to my children in every-day life. My passion is people and I love to celebrate the good in others and illuminate their strengths. I have been blessed with the opportunity to join the doro-ella team! My other passion is Flamenco Dancing, clicking castanets and stamping my feet is when I am at my happiest. My motto in life is “Eat, Pray, Love”